Driven by creativity and the inspiration of a diverse and talented team, we are making headway with the responsibility of generating social value.

Moreover, we’re accelerating our environmental and social initiatives to appropriate and appreciate a sustainable society and a brighter future for the community.

Gender Equality

Gender Equality

At Finesse Moulding, we encourage our management team to have an equal number of genders, as we respect equal opportunity and celebrate diversity. We advocate on free and open-minded corporate culture that respects diversity and human rights of all individuals.

Health & Wellbeing

Occupational Health and Safety Management

We endeavor to provide a safe, healthy, and hygienic environment for our employees. Physical and mental health management was placed as the foundation of work-life balance, the management encourages our staff to work efficiently so as to devote sufficient time to their personal lives. The objective is to promote a new approach that allows our staff to maintain and enhance their physical and mental health while being highly productive at work.

We have a licensed safety officer on-site, enhancing preventative measures and ensuring our workers adhere to the safety protocols.

Respect for Human Rights

Labour Compliance Policy.

Covid-19 Precautions

For Covid-19 preventive measures, sanitize fogging are arranged to be carried out weekly in both the office and the factory lots.